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  • Employer: University of Helsinki (Department of Political and Economic Studies)
  • Location: Finland
  • Position Type: Full Professor
  • Deadline: Dec 18, 2017

  • Job Description:

    The Discipline of Economics at the University of Helsinki is hiring
    We are particularly interested in applications in macroeconomic theory.

    The Discipline of Economics is part of the Helsinki Center of Economic Research (HECER, jointly with the Economics Departments of Aalto University School of Business and Hanken School of Economics. This institution will be re-labelled as the Helsinki Graduate School of Economics (HGSE) and expand rapidly over the next five years.

    As part of this growth, macroeconomics will be given a particular attention. The new professor will be an essential part of the team. Requirements are standard: a doctoral degree in economics, top-level publications, and a strong experience in teaching and supervising graduate students. Graduate programs are in English. Leadership and interaction skills are an asset.

    Helsinki sounds exotic? It is actually a very pleasant city: efficient commuting, well-functioning public administration, easy daily communication in English, “PISA approved” schools, and competitive salaries (even after taxes).

    For more information, contact Professor Antti Ripatti (

    The formal announcement and application instructions can be found at

    The application deadline is December 18, 2017.