EJM poster session, HKEA conference 2016

Ted Chang (National Taiwan University): "Opposite hand advantage and the overrepresentation of left-handed players in major league baseball"  •  brief video presentation

Shigeki Isogai (Pennsylvania State University): "Credibility of deterrence and forward induction"  •  website  •  brief video presentation

Yaran Jin (University of Texas at Austin): "Mixed policy instruments within voluntary cap-and-trade programs"  •  website  •  brief video presentation

Wing Man Wynne Lam (University of Liege; PhD Toulouse School of Economics): "Attack-prevention and damage-control investments in cybersecurity"  •  website  •  brief video presentation

Fan Liu (University of Texas at Austin): "Vertical contracts that reference rivals"  •  website  •  brief video presentation

Zixi Liu (Frankfurt University): job market paper "Fiscal consolidation in a small open economy with sovereign risk"

Qing Shi (University of Hong Kong): "Stochastic differential utility, induced uncertainty, and strategic asset allocation"

Videographer: Tse Chun Hei

EconJobMarket thanks the Hong Kong Economic Association for its generous help with organizing this session.

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