Econ Job Market Inc. (EJM)

Econ Job Market (EJM) is a nonprofit organization (501c3 tax-exempt charity) that facilitates the flow of information in the economics job market by providing a secure central repository for the files of job-market candidates (including papers, reference letters, and other materials) accessed on line. EJM is run by a group of academic economists who mostly volunteer their time and effort. EJM's commitment to low fees is central to its charter and its 501c3 status, to encourage use of EJM's centralized database and reduce negative externalities.

EJM's main components are:, the main portal for posting job openings and submitting applications and reference letters; AIMS (application and interview management system), where job candidates manage their applications and interviews, and where recruiters select applicants for automatic interview scheduling; The EJM Back End Service, which provides secure data linkages to recruiters; and HiRE (harmonized recruiting exchange), an application-review system for recruiters, developed in collaboration with the Canadian Economics Association.

EJM's Key Features

Wide distribution of job postings through EJM's partners, including the Econometric Society, the Canadian Economics Association, VoxEU, and the European Economic Association.

Automated interview scheduling. AIMS allows recruiters and candidates to schedule their interview slots at all professional meetings and elsewhere.

New three-tier pricing options for recruiters, including free lowest-tier advertisements for job openings.

Email job-notification service for candidates through AIMS.

Numerous "back end" options for recruiters to automatically and securely transfer application materials to third-party application-processing systems such as Head Hunter and Njoyn, in addition to HiRE.

EJM Professional Partners

EJM's partners include these professional associations:

EJM Commercial Partners

EJM's commercial partners include these corporations:

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