Econ Job Market® Inc. (EJM) is a nonprofit charity (a 501c3 organization). EJM's main aim is to improve the flow of information in the job market for academic economists, by providing a central repository for job-market materials (at EconJobMarket.org) and by encouraging interoperability between the various recruitment systems that recruiters use. EJM exists mainly to serve other nonprofit organizations that engage in the academic job market (colleges, universities, government agencies, and their staff and students). To this end, it also serves for-profit companies that recruit academic economists. EJM is managed and directed by representatives from the academic community and professional economics associations.

The Directors are unpaid and the Officers serve on a mostly volunteer basis. EJM's commitment to low fees is central to its charter and 501c3 status, to encourage use of EJM's centralized database and reduce negative externalities. EJM's revenue is used to pay for basic business expenses, hosting, technical support, small stipends for senior officers, and mostly to compensate student workers.

EconJobMarket was founded by Martin Osborne (University of Toronto), John Rust (Georgetown University), and Joel Watson (University of California, San Diego). They had each created Internet-based application systems at their individual universities and realized that further efficiency gains could be realized with a central repository.

Since it was launched in mid-September 2007, EJM has grown to become the profession's choice for transmitting job-market materials. Virtually all candidates use EJM to apply for jobs, and the number of recruiters using the system has grown substantially each year.

EconJobMarket is the official job market site of the Econometric Society, the European Economic Association, and the Canadian Economic Association. These professional associations are not responsible for the content of the advertisements posted on EJM, and they may separately promote their principles to their members. EconJobMarket is also endorsed by the Society for Economic Dynamics, the Eurasia Business and Economics Society, VoxEU, the Swiss Society of Economics and Statistics, and Verein Für Socialpolitik. In 2012, Walras.org (a service with much the same aim as EconJobMarket) was merged into EconJobMarket.

EconJobMarket exists for the public good. The organization commits not to sell user information to any third parties. Its current sources of revenue are modest fees to recruiters and voluntary contributions from users of the system. The fees are set to just cover operating costs.

Users who need assistance should submit a Support Request or email one of the officers.

Econ Job Market Inc
3268 Governor Dr. # 328
San Diego, CA 92122
858-432-3266 (858-432-ECON)

Directors, Officers, Contributors

Officers and Directors

  • Otavio Bartalotti (Iowa State University), Director
  • Antonio Cabrales (University College London), Director
  • Michael Lowry (San Diego Humane Society SVP/CFO), Chief Financial Officer
  • Rosa Matzkin (UCLA), Director
  • Martin J. Osborne (University of Toronto), Director, Chief Information Officer and Secretary
  • Michael Peters (University of British Columbia), Director and Chief Information Officer
  • John Rust (Georgetown University), Director
  • Joel Watson (UC San Diego), Director and Chief Executive Officer
  • Abigail Wozniak (Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis), Director
  • Chris Chatfield (UC San Diego), Assistant Director

Advisory Board

  • Eric Bartelsman (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam & Tinbergen Institute)
  • Marta Lopes (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)
  • Jeffrey Miron (Harvard University)
  • Hoyt Bleakley (University of Michigan)
  • Caterina Calsamiglia (Barcelona IPEG)
  • Daniel Hamermesh (University of Texas at Austin)
  • David Margolis (Paris School of Economics)
  • Marek Pycia (University of Zurich)
  • Tom Zohar (CEMFI)

Past Directors and Officers

  • Raphael Auer (Swiss National Bank and Princeton), Director
  • Drew Fudenberg (MIT), Director
  • David Levine (Washington University in St. Louis and European University Institute), Director
  • Stephen Morris (MIT), Director
  • R. Preston McAfee (Chief Economist, Microsoft), Director
  • E. Glen Weyl (Microsoft Research and University of Chicago), Director
  • Pai Steven Xu (University of Hong Kong), Head of Asian Operations

Past Advisory Board members

  • S. Nageeb Ali (Pennsylvania State University)
  • Ted Bergstrom (UC Santa Barbara)
  • Ted Groves (UC San Diego)
  • Guillaume Haeringer (Baruch College)
  • Vernon Smith (Chapman University)
  • Christian Zimmermann (St. Louis Fed)

Technical Contributors

  • David Coyne
  • Fedor Iskhakov
  • Vincent Leah-Martin
  • Alejandro Lynch
  • David McArthur
  • Martin J. Osborne
  • Shervin Tari
  • Technoluddites
  • John Watson
  • Watson Education Systems

Professional Partners

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Commercial Partner

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