Information for recruiters

The Econ Job Market® system allows advertisements to be posted by two types of recruiters.

To request either type of account, first register as a user, then click the link to request a recruiter account. Establishing a user account is free. The prices for posting ads are given on our system overview page. These fees are for services (they are not donations) and are set just high enough to cover EJM's basic operating costs.

EJM's hallmark features

1. Wide distribution of job postings through EJM's partner sites

All organizations that post job advertisements on EJM can select to have their ads automatically posted on the websites of some of EJM's partner organizations, including the Econometric Society, the Canadian Economics Association, and the European Economic Association.

2. Application processing and automated interview-scheduling

If you advertise and collect applications on EconJobMarket, you have free access to our sophisticated application evaluation and processing system. This system allows you to design rating schemes and invite colleagues to use them to evaluate applications. You can filter and sort applications according to various criteria, assign statuses to applications, and send messages to groups of applicants.

If you advertise on EconJobMarket, then whether or not you collect applications on EconJobMarket, you can use (at no charge) our interview-scheduling system. This system allows you to create a matrix of interview slots (at job market meetings or elsewhere) and then select the candidates you would like to interview. The system takes it from there, automatically emailing the candidates and helping them select among available slots. It also allows for easy rescheduling of interviews.

3. Other application processing options

EJM's "back-end interface" ( allows recruiters to automatically and securely transfer application materials from EJM to third-party application-processing and evaluation systems. Currently data transfer to the third-party system Head Hunter is available.

Recruiters interested in using their own in-house application-review systems (or other third-party systems) can freely access their data using EJM's back-end interface. If your organization already has a web-based or computerized system for analyzing and processing applicant information, have your organization's technical representative examine the documentation at or contact EJM Director Mike Peters (Professor at the University of British Columbia), who developed and manages the back-end interface.

Basic instructions for recruiters (organizations or individuals)

1. Establish an account on the system and request a recruiter account. When requesting an account, you will give basic information about yourself and your organization.

2. After you register, EJM's officers will verify the authenticity of your request. Once your account is authenticated, you will be able to log onto the system to create advertisements and receive applications.

3. If you plan to use the system to receive application materials from candidates, references, or both, then you should be sure to specify this in any advertisements that you place elsewhere. In fact, if you set up the job posting in EJM first, you can copy the link to your advertisement and paste it in the advertisements that you post on other sites. Candidates can click on the link to go directly to your application form.

4. Create advertisements for each of your open positions. To create an advertisement, use the button on the home page for your recruiter role. When you create an advertisement, you must enter information about the position and also specify information that you require from applicants. You have flexibility to specify whether, for example, letters of recommendation, papers, and other materials are required. For your convenience, several templates are provided by the system. If you wish to collect applications separately from the EJM system, you can still use EconJobMarket to collect recommendation letters (highly encouraged, because it reduces the time that references and their staff proxies have to spend uploading letters). In this case, specify in your advertisement that no documents are required from candidates. There is also an option for you to post an advertisement on EJM but to collect application materials elsewhere.

5. Once candidates submit applications, you and any colleagues you specify will be able to evaluate them on this website. You will also be able to download (in various formats) the candidates' applications, including recommendation letters. You can also establish an automatic data feed to your own or any third-party application-review software installed locally, using EJM's "back-end interface" ( Data feeds to some commercial partners are already established.

6. Arrange the interview slots for any scholarly meetings or other venues where you plan to interview candidates. You can specify different types of slots for different fields of specialization and for multiple interview teams. Select which candidates to interview and the system will automatically email the candidates and arrange your schedule of interviews.

For further information about how EJM works, see System overview page.