Market information

On this page we provide some data to help you assess the current state of the market, including the expected start dates for interviews by recruiters advertising on EconJobMarket, a comparison of the number of advertisements posted so far this year compared with previous years, and the number of applicants registered so far compared with previous years.

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A message about the 2020–2021 market

When will interviews take place?

In past years, when interviews were conducted mostly in person, there was a compelling reason for recruiters and candidates to coordinate on a single period of time and a single city where a large number of interviews would take place. Coordinating in this way helped minimize travel costs. But interviews now can be conducted remotely using on-line meeting services, effectively and without travel. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced most recruiters to plan for only remote interviews and fly-outs in the 2020–2021 market. (Some recruiters initiated a move to remote interviews even before the pandemic.) The market in future years may not look like the market of years past.

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Survey of job market conditions

Results of survey of recruiters regarding their hiring plans for the 2020–2021 season. (EconJobMarket was one of the sponsors of the survey.)