Each graph shows, for each year, the percentage of applicants with a given primary field among all applicants who registered during the year. The fields shown by default in the chart are the core fields and a few newer ones. Use the checkboxes to display graphs for the fields you want to see.

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 Any field
 Behavioral Economics
 Business Economics
 Computational Economics
 Decision Sciences
 Development; Growth
 Economic History
 Environmental; Ag. Econ.
 Experimental Economics
 Health; Education; Welfare
 Industrial Organization
 International Finance/Macro
 International Trade
 Labor; Demographic Economics
 Law and Economics
 Macroeconomics; Monetary
 Management, General
 Management, Health Care
 Management, Information Technology
 Operations Research
 Organizational Behavior
 Political Economy
 Public Economics
 Real Estate
 Urban; Rural; Regional Economics