Econjobmarket Data Project

The purpose of the project is to provide api access to application data and ads at The primary use of the api is to import application data from econjobmarket into local application processing software. Currently the api is used regularly by a number of departments (Stanford Business School, Kellogg Management School, Vancouver School of Economics, the University of Toronto and the Bank of Canada and a number of others) to import data for their local HR software. The api also provides the ad feed used by the Econometric Society, the Canadian Economic Association, the Royal Society, the European Economic Association and Econjobmarket Asia.

The menu at the right provides access to the various documents.
If you are taking applications through econjobmarket, then you can use the login link above (which uses for authentication). Once you have logged in you can setup your private key and secret, get detailed information about your data and get yourself started. If you don't take applications through econjobmarket, there is no useful information for you here.
If you simply want to browse your applicants on econjobmarket, please go to and login using your econjobmarket credentials. Once you do so, you should be able to return to this site without login.

If you are looking for commercial support for processing application data from this database, recommends the following providers:

  • HiRE (Harmonized Recruitment Exchange) application processing software provided jointly by and the Canadian Economics association (
  •, which provides an applicant tracking system for the Bank of Canada which supports econjobmarket. If you contact them, mention that you explicitly want support for econjobmarket data, similar to that provided to the Bank of Canada.
  • This is the company that designed the original database, and supplied startup software at econjobmarket.
  • Head Hunter. This is application processing of econjobmarket data provided by the company owned by the CIO at econjobmarket.

This site contains a mirror of the main econjobmarket database. Support for this mirror is provided by the Vancouver School of Economics.
The following individuals have contributed code to this website.

  1. Sabartha Bandyopadhyay, Maryland
  2. Michael Peters, UBC
  3. Shervin Tari, UBC
  4. Ben Walton, Chass, Toronto
  5. John Watson,