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  • Announcement
    2020-09-09   New page with information about current state of the job market Recruiter Recommender Proxy Applicant
    A new page,, has information about the current state of the job market, as well as a link to a sophisticated site with data on past placements.
  • New feature
    2020-06-09   Research Assistant marketplace added Recruiter Recommender Applicant
    EconJobMarket now allows individual faculty members to post advertisements for Research Assistants (including pre-docs). To post an advertisement for an RA, first request a personal recruiter account. You can post an RA ad at no charge.
  • New feature
    2020-01-03   Improvements in management of proxies by recommenders Recommender
    When a recommender chooses a default proxy, she is now prompted to choose whether to assign the proxy to any existing applicants.
  • New feature
    2019-11-20   For each applicant, applications are sorted by deadline, earliest first; old applications are hidden by default Recommender
    For each of a recommenders' applicants, applications are now sorted by the deadline for the position, with the earliest first (so that the most pressing requests are shown first). Applications submitted more than 6 months ago are hidden by default, but the recommender has the option to show them.
  • New feature
    2019-09-30   Allow proxies to remove recommenders Recommender Proxy
    A proxy can now remove a recommender from their list (which may be appropriate if, for example, the recommender has moved to a different institution).
  • New feature
    2019-09-29   Improve the informativeness of notifications to recommenders Recommender
    Notifications to recommenders regarding applicants who have named them in applications now give the title of the advertisement and the identity of the recruiter.
  • New feature
    2019-09-24   Page with informational videos Recruiter Recommender Proxy Applicant
    A page with videos explaining how to use the various parts of the EconJobMarket system now exists (see the link Informational videos in the User support column of the footer). We will gradually add more videos.
  • New feature
    2019-09-17   Allow recommender to archive applicants Recommender
    A recommender can mark applicants as "archived", moving them off their main page of applicants. So a recommender can now list on their page only applicants from the current year. Archived applicants can be unarchived at any time.
  • New feature
    2019-05-12   Allow person to check whether account exists with their name and email address Recruiter Recommender Proxy Applicant
    A person can now check whether an account exists in their name and email address.
  • New feature
    2018-12-27   Users are asked to enter backup email address in their profiles Recruiter Recommender Proxy Applicant
    Users are asked to enter a permanent email address in their profiles, in addition to an institutional address, to facilitate access to their accounts if they leave their current institution.
  • New feature
    2018-12-23   Password-reset messages may be sent to gmail or backup email address Recruiter Recommender Proxy Applicant
    Password-reset messages may now be sent to the gmail address or backup email address in a user's profile