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Password forgotten and no access to any email address currently in account
Users' accounts may contain confidential information, so we change the email address for an account only if we can verify that the owner of the new address is the same person as the owner of the existing address. Please provide us with sufficient evidence for us to do so.
This page must be part of the website of the institution with which you are currently affiliated or employed, showing your job title or student status and your institutional email address.
This address must be the one shown on the page you entered in the previous field.
Enter the name of the university from which you received, or will receive, the degree you selected in the previous field.
Enter the year the degree you have listed was or will (you expect) be granted.
Enter the address currently in your account, to which you currently do not have access.
The page or document must show your name, the email address currently in your account, and your affiliation at that time. You can probably find such a URL by googling the email address in your account. (When you google, enclose the email address in quotation marks (") for the most effective search.) We need to verify that the owner of your current email address and the owner of the address in your account are the same person.