Postdoctoral Research Fellow(s) in Labor/Public Economics
Advertiser: Department of Economics, University of Oslo
Field(s) of specialization: Labor; Demographic Economics - Public Economics
Position type(s): Postdoctoral Scholar
Location of job: Moltke Moes vei 31, Eilert Sundts hus B, 0851 Oslo, Norway
Degree required: Doctorate
Job start date: 2024-08-11
Job duration: 4 years
Letters of reference required: 2
Application deadline: 1 Dec 2023 midnight UTC (no longer accepting applications)
Current search status: Arranging flyouts
Posting end date: 8 Jan 2024
Interviews: Interviews will be conducted remotely by video starting December, 2023.
Ad text:

The Department of Economics invites applicants for 1-2 postdoctoral research fellows in labor and/or public economics. The positions involve 25% teaching and administrative duties. We seek a diverse pool of applicants.

The position(s) will be funded primarily by either the Norwegian Research Council Young Research Talents Project 345156 on behavioral responses to taxes and benefit incentives (TAXBUNCH), headed by Associate Professor Martin E. Andresen, or by the European Research Council Starting Grant Project 10104312 on Labor Market Flexibility (LABFLEX) headed by Professor Manudeep Bhuller.

The aim of the TAXBUNCH project is to understand what causes the relatively weak labor supply response to the incentives in tax and benefits schedules, and the implications for welfare and optimal design of tax and benefit systems. The project will explore and disentangle explanations such as career concerns, information frictions, optimization barriers, credit constraints and the role of income volatility. The project will rely on extensive Norwegian registry data and modern microeconometric methods.

The aim of the LABFLEX project is to understand the causes and consequences of labor market flexibility. The project seeks to uncover determinants of workers’ job choices, dispersion in pay and non-pay job characteristics, and sources of wage inequality. The project will also focus on the roles of alternative work arrangements and collective bargaining. The project will rely on extensive Norwegian registry data and combine these data with targeted surveys, apply experimental and non-experimental/structural methods, and state-of-the-art econometrics.

Knowledge and experience with applied econometrics, labor and/or public economics and programming is required. Candidates with experience with estimation of structural models that may benefit and enrich the project(s) may also be considered. Strong English language proficiency (written and oral) is required, additionally mastering Norwegian or another Scandinavian language may be valued for the TAXBUNCH project.

Candidates should hold or expect to complete a PhD degree no later than 30 September 2024.

For questions, please contact

Head of Department, Prof. Steinar Holden, email:
Principal Investigator for the TAXBUNCH project, Martin E. Andresen, email:
Principal Investigator for the LABFLEX project, Manudeep Bhuller, email:

Submission materials required
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Job market paper
  • Cover letter
  • Additional paper (optional)
  • Other material (in one file) (optional)
  • Letters of reference: 2
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