Financial Economist
Advertiser: Aaro Capital
Field(s) of specialization: Finance
Position type(s): Other nonacademic
Location of job: 5th Floor, 10-12 Eastcheap, London, EC3M 1AJ, United Kingdom
Degree required: Doctorate
Job start date: Flexible
Job duration: Continuing/permanent
Letters of reference required: 1
Application deadline: 4 Nov 2024 midnight UTC (accepting applications)
Posting end date: 4 Nov 2024
Interviews: Interviews will be conducted remotely by video
Ad text:

About Aaro Capital

Aaro Capital is a Cryptoasset and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) investment boutique which was established in 2018. The Aaro DLT Multifund - which aims to be the first institutional quality fund of funds in this space - was launched in May 2020 and further products are coming to the market. Our approach is to inform professional investors on how best to access the exciting and rapidly evolving Cryptoasset and DLT growth story. We are working closely with established investment industry partners, as well as DLT specialists and economic professors from top UK universities. Our experienced team combines thorough economic and empirical analysis with established investment industry practices, to identify best-in-class active managers who prioritise effective downside risk protection.

Why is Aaro Capital Exciting?

Founded in 2018, we are a well-financed company with committed founders and a high calibre, ambitious and collaborative team. We are a rapidly growing and evolving company with lots of opportunities both as a company and for staff to rapidly grow and make the most of the new crypto and DLT space. We are an early mover with a wealth of managed proprietary information which gives us our competitive edge.



This role will be focused on supporting the Aaro investment team in their market analysis and producing research material for both internal use and external publication.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Manage the company’s market and economic research and the company’s internal market base case.
  • Conduct both qualitative and quantitative analysis on the cryptocurrency market microstructure and functioning.
  • Aid the investment team with an in-depth empirical analysis on specialised hedge funds and market activity.
  • Assist with the production and maintenance of marketing materials, primarily research but also investor and public relations materials for which research is a key input.
  • Assist with the promotion of the firm’s brand name externally.
  • Use and maintain internal asset management software systems.
  • Administrative functions to maintain research, internal information, and central research databases.
  • Ensure that all processes, analysis, models, and systems are documented, maintained and stored in line with the company policies.
  • Folder management and administrative functions to ensure information and documents on Aaro’s IT systems are up-to-date, sufficiently detailed, and well organised.

Principal Contacts (e.g., External Companies):

  • Asset managers
  • External research providers
  • External service providers

Key Skills and Competency Requirements:

Technical Requirements:

  • PhD in Economics or Finance.
  • Proficiency with Python 3 programming, VBA and strong IT skills.
  • Experience developing investment / trading strategies preferred.
  • Experience of research on cryptocurrency markets preferred.
  • Knowledge of industrial organisation preferred.

Other Skills, Competencies and Attributes:

  • An interest in financial markets and DLT/crypto assets.
  • An interest in areas of economic research such as industrial organisation, industrial economics, and the economics of innovation.
  • An interest to contribute in academic and non-academic literature on cryptocurrency markets.
  • Good writing skills with the ability to draft in different styles and tones.
  • Good organisational skills, with the ability to manage complicated workloads, prioritise and meet deadlines.
  • Ability to work well under pressure and in a demanding environment.
  • Attention to detail and small tasks and can consistently do multistage tasks correctly each week/month/quarter/year.
  • Self-starter who can use initiative without being prompted and sense checks work.
  • Strong communication, analytical, written, and numerical skills.
  • Personable, with the ability to build relationships with key stakeholders.
  • A team player with good interpersonal skills.
  • Advanced knowledge of Outlook, Word and PowerPoint and Excel skills.
Application procedure

To apply, send a message to (See posting for details.)

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